Kudos to Chrysler!  The two-minute commercial they ran during the Superbowl that showcased not only their Chrysler 200 but the city of Detroit has gotten national attention.  The spot, featuring Eminem, even got a segment on NBC Nightly news.  And a lot of people saw it… a whole lot… 162.9 million people to be exact.  (If you don’t count those who “answered natures call” when it aired).    

This year’s game was the highest rated television program is history, followed by last year’s Super Bowl featuring the Colts v. Saints, and the final episode of M*A*S*H which moved to number three.  As for the effectiveness of the commercial, after the game, “Chrysler 200” was the second most searched term on Google, beating out the halftime act, “Black Eyed Peas”.  In fact, traffic at the online car research site Edmunds.com shot up an astounding 1619% for the Chrysler 200 in the hours after the game.  

SIDE NOTE: The Super Bowl ad voted most popular by viewers was the commercial featuring a young boy telling his mother’s date to keep his hands off his mom and his Doritos!

And now… on with the news!