Super Bowl XLV is history.  It was a good game… and, sorry Steelers fans, but I was happy for Green Bay.  But Pittsburgh fans weren’t the only losers.  A lot of fans who didn’t have tickets, paid 200 bucks to stand in the stadium parking lot in the cold rain to watch the game on big TV monitors.  Plus, just before the game started, the fire marshall ruled that hundreds of temporary seats inside the stadium weren’t safe so they were left empty, while 1200 people with tickets were told their seats were gone.  Seats were found for most, but 400 people had to watch the game from the Stadium’s basement bar.  

- You know, just like they do for free every week at home.  

- They were really the lucky ones because they got to watch “Glee” before driving home!

- Just to get in the spirit, I poured a bottle of Gatorade on my wife Gail’s head after the game.