Art Experts have debated for years what makes the “Mona Lisa” so unusual and intriguing.  Now an Italian art Historian has a new theory:  She’s a guy.  Silvano Vincenti claims that DaVinci had an apprentice who began working with him as a boy and grew up to become his trusted companion and likely lover.  He believes you can see the apprentice’s slim, effeminate features in several of Leonardo’s works - and believes DaVinci used the man’s nose and mouth in his painting of Mona Lisa. 

- I don’t buy it.  If Mona Lisa was gay, she would definitely have worn something by Prada!

- Right now, Nat King Cole is spinning in his grave.

- I’ve always believed that Mona didn’t have much of a smile because she’d been getting Botox injections.

- He also claims that Vincent Van Gogh’s ear was actually cut off by members of a Mexican Drug Cartel.