“The Kings Speech” was the big winner at the Oscars last night, taking home the prize for Best Picture, Actor, Director, and Original Screenplay.  But producers efforts to appeal to a younger audience by having James Franco and Anne Hathaway serve as hosts seemed to backfire… with many critics calling the it “the most boring Oscarcast in history”… 

- I missed a lot of the show because I was busy “Googling” trying to find out who James Franco is. 

- It’s kind of sad when the host of the show looks more bored than the audience.  

The most exciting moment of the evening came early when Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo dropped the F-Bomb during her acceptance speech. 

- I was actually hoping Kanye West would show up and grab the mike from her.     

She received her award from 94 year old Kirk Douglas who proceeded to blatantly hit on her.  

- This is why Michael Douglas never invites his dad over for dinner with him and Catherine Zeta Jones! 

NOTE:  I think the writer, 73-year-old David Seidler, who won the Oscar for Best Original screenplay for “The King’s Speech” had the best line of the night when he said, “My Father always said I’d be a late bloomer”.