President Obama sparked outrage among some people Wednesday when the White House announced that he’s decided the Defense of Marriage Act’s definition of marriage as being only between one man and one woman is unconstitutional…

He went so far as to order the justice department to stop enforcing it.  The Supreme Court has yet to weigh in, and legal experts say no matter what he thinks of gay marriage, Presidents don’t have the power to declare laws unconstitutional.  As for his personal views… Obama is “still grapling” with what to think about gay marriage.  

- I hope he is “grappling” with things like the deficit, jobs, and the Middle East, too. 

- So he finally came out of the closet to announce he’s not sure how he feels about gay marriage. 


- In honor of his announcement, Ellen danced “The Barack-orena” at the beginning of today’s show. 

- This just shows the effects of lobbyists:  He made the announcement right after getting two free tickets to see Ricky Martin in concert.  

- So personally he’s confused about “gay marriage” but thinks banning it is unconstitutional?  It’s a case of the old “Do as I say… not as I may or may not think”.