Protests continued to rage over the weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, where teachers and other  publics workers are fighting a move by the Republican governor and legislature to roll back their collective bargaining rights and make them pay more toward their own pensions and health care.  The latest twist:  several doctors were caught on video handing out bogus “sick note” excuses to teachers who were skipping class to protest.

- Well guess who’s getting sent to the principal’s office now?

- The teachers should be careful… this kind of thing can end up on their permanent record! 

- People have a right to protest, but shooting spitballs at the governor is a little extreme. 

- One of the teachers is really in trouble… he got caught copying the slogan off another teacher’s protest sign. 

- Police thought the protestors were forming a human chain around the capitol building, but it turns out, it was recess time and the teachers were playing “Red Rover”.