In what could be a fatal blow to Obamacare, a Federal Judge agreed Monday with 26 states that the mandate forcing all Americans to buy insurance is unconstitutional.  He did decline to order a halt to all of the programs provisions, since the Supreme court will ultimately rule on it.  But ironically, the most devastating quote he cited in his decision came from Barack Obama himself.  While running for President, Obama strongly opposed mandated health insurance and said that, “if that worked, then why not cure homelesness by mandating that everyone buy a house?”

- Or better yet… have Oprah give everyone one!

- Wasn’t it the government who let millions of Americans buy houses they couldn’t afford, that are now in foreclosure? 

- Maybe we should be forced to buy healthcare since the government allows Walmart to sell booze, guns and ammo all in one location! 

- Obama blamed the quote on a teleprompter malfunction.