Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #21… Today we welcome a virtual calvacade of celebrities to my dining room table.  Tom Brokaw, George W. Bush, Rodney Dangerfield, Coleman Young and I-can’t- remember-who-else sits down to discuss everything from bad calls in sports (the refs at last weekends Michigan game - hello!) to the San Diego Charger who was caught on TV peeing on the field. Speaking of which, we’ll tell you how pickle juice could be the new miracle cure for a common health problem and we’ll explore just how many times a day men and women really think about sex. As for the picture of my bare leg above my sock that you see below… it’s an actual recreation of a fashion faux paux I made on TV last week.  Details are all in the podcast! 

And with Christmas and the holdiays fast approaching, we explain how you can reserve your copy (or copies) of my new (and last) CD — “The Best of Dick Purtan & Purtan’s People - Vol. 10”.  It’s only $19.99 and benefits two terrific Michigan Military charities!  What’s on it you ask?  40 of my favorite character bits and on-the-air stories never before released on any of our previous “Best Ofs” taken from the last few years leading up to my sign off.  It makes a great inexpensive stocking stuffer for you or anyone on your gift list who was a fan of the show!  Just click on the blue CD ad on this page to reserve yours today… It’s easier than Lindsay Lohan after a night at the bar! 

Hope you enjoy the Podcast — and I hope you’ll help us give back to the incredible men and women of our armed services, both past and present!


Purtan Podcast #21:  A Calvalcade of Celebrities  (31 min. 29 sec.)