26-year-old Chris Birch of Wales, was a burly, 266-pound rugby player and skinhead type who was engaged to his girlfriend when he attempted a backflip in the field.  He fell, broke his neck and suffered a stroke. Days later, he awoke in the hospital to discover he’d lost all interest in women and sports and was now gay.  He quit his job at a bank, trained to become a hairdresser, lost 112 pounds and is now living with a 19-year-old boyfriend.

- The two are even planning a romantic getaway to visit the penquin exhibit at the Toronto Zoo.  

- Now in addition to “slurred speech”, doctors have added “a new-found interest in redecorating”, to the official “Signs You Might Have Had A Stroke” list.

- The chance of this happening is why I cancelled my appearance in the next Olympic Decathalon.