Happy Friday… In today’s Podcast we have a round table discussion (actually my dining room table where we sit to record these is more rectangular) about the craziness that seems to be permeating not only pop culture but even politics these days.  Bill Clinton joins us to analyze the Herman Cain situation and we bring you the very lastest on two of the greatest women this country has produced since Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart: Yep, Kim Kardashian and Linsday Lohan!  

There’s plenty of other “stuff” too… including more information about the upcoming release of my new “Best of Purtan - Volume 10” CD:  What it is, who it benefits and when and where you can get it in plenty of time for the holidays!  

Enjoy the Podcast… twice if you like … with the clocks turning back an hour at 2am on Sunday, you’ll have some extra time on your hands!  


Purtan Podcast #17   (27min. 03sec.)


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