Happy Day after Thanksgiving!  

In this special “recorded-the-day-before and aired-the-day-after” Holiday edition of our podcast, we talk about everything from Turkeys (and not just the ones in Washington) to “Sexting while Sleeping”.  (It’s a newly recognized medical condition, and therefore a great excuse if you get caught by your spouse!) President Obama joins us to discuss “Black Friday” and the White House “Country Music Night”. Plus we talk about “Shrinky Dinks”, why you may never have to visit the dentist again, and a grandmother-groping ghost! Plus… info on how to reserve your copy of my 10th and final “Best of Dick Purtan & Purtan’s People” CD - featuring 40 never before released bits from my last years on the air, benefiting two great military charities, available right here at DickPurtan.com. Just click on the blue CD ad to reserve your copy (or copies) today!  It’s a great way to experience all the excitement of “Black Friday” without the crowds!  And there hasn’t been this great a “stocking stuffer” since Marilyn Monroe slipped into a pair of pantyhose! 


Purtan Podcast #20:  An Especially Fowl Edition


As they say, you can lead a horse to water… Despite the days my wife Gail spent preparing the traditional Thanksgiving feast, four of my daughters’ boys opt out on the Turkey and trimmings for their favorite holiday fare of Spaghetti-O’s and little weiners wrapped in crescent rolls.  Oh well… that means more leftovers for me! 

Pictured from front to back: Jessica’s son Preston, Jackie’s son Charlie, Jessica’s son Jack and JoAnne’s son Adam. And way in the background… the little girl with glasses on is JoAnne’s daughter Lauren.