Justin Bieber is denying claims by a 20-year-old woman that he is the father of her 3-month-old baby. Mariah Yeater claims that she had sex with Bieber after attending one of his concerts in L.A. in October of 2010. She alledges she was taken backstage by a security guard to meet Bieber, who told her he wanted to take her somewhere they could “be alone”. They ended up in a bathroom where the two had sex.  She claims Bieber said it was his “first time” and that the entire encounter lasted 30 seconds.  

- If I was Justin, I’d be less embarrassed by the “baby thing” and more embarrassed by the “30 second thing!” 

- If only she’d filmed it and put in on YouTube! That way the baby could start his career the same way his daddy did! 

- Yeater also said, he “didn’t even have the decency to drive me home”.  Well, duh! He was only 16 and not allowed after dark!