Now that he’s gone, we’re learning more about Moammar Gadhafi.  One example? Libyan authorites are trying to get back $200 Billion he stashed in secret banks accounts which made him by far the richest man in the world.

- What a shame!  He worked so hard to make sure he’d have enough to be comfortable during his “golden years”.  

Turns out he was also vain.  A plastic surgeaon revealed that Gadhafi wanted to look younger but didn’t want a facelift, so in 1995 he had fat injected from his stomach into his face and hair plugs put in.  But they didn’t take: Coroners said they tried to take a hair sample for DNA testing and it turned out his famous thick head of unruly hair - often compared to Phil Spector’s - was a toupee.  

- He had $200 Billion and that was the best looking toupee he could come up with?  

- The stylist who made that hair piece should be shot!  No, wait… I think he was. 

- Who knew Phil Spector and Moammar Gadafi had so much in common?  They both had bad hair, and they both liked to kill people!

- In retrospect, he should have just gone with the facelift.    

- Personally, I think he looked better dead than alive!