Happy “End of the World Day”!  In case you haven’t heard, Harold Camping, the minister who predicted that we were all a goner last MAY 21st has changed that date to today!  He claims it was a mathmatical error and that after going over his figures again, TODAY, OCTOBER 21st is actually the day!  

So with the precious few hours left on this planet, we thought we’d address some of the more pressing things weighing on the minds of man and womankind alike.  Like how the female star of the upcoming 3D version of “The Three Musketeers” let “the girls” (ie: her boobs) do her ‘acting’ for her.  

We also take a look at the brighter side of the apolcalyse, including not having to repay the Chinese the money we owe them, and that it’s okay if the President’s Tele-Prompter is stolen again! 

Enjoy… and on the off-chance that this guy’s wrong… I’ll see you back here Monday!  

Purtan Podcast #15: Oct. 21, 2011 - The End Of The World… with special guest, “The Story Lady”! 

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