USA today reports that funeral homes are desparate for business, so they are now aggressively marketing their facilities as event centers for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holiday parties and proms.  And it seems to be working…

One funeral home in Indianapolis has booked 99 weddings for 2011. Some people who’ve held events at funeral homes say they were creeped out at first, but they’re such beautiful facilites that one person said, “if you can get past the lobby and forget all the funerals and dead people in the room next door, it’s a great place for a wedding.”

- And just think of money you’ll save on flowers! 

- The funeral home says the pall-bearers make great groomsmen!

- Some people were a little freaked out when the bride and groom drove away in a hearse with streamers and tin cans tied to the back!

- They should start selling engagement rings at the funeral home… I can just hear it now:  “He went to Desmond & Sons!”

- Some people years later go back to the locations where they were married for sentimental reasons.  Now this gives them a more practical reason.