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Here’s A New Way to Collect “Interest” At The Bank

Police in Paris are urging citizens to pay attention while using ATM’s after a man reported that he was robbed in a rather unusual way.  He had just entered his PIN when two attractive twenty-something women approached him.  One exposed her breasts – and the other took almost $400 American out of his account while he stood stunned. 

Pity the poor guy who’s now forced to pick out the culprits in that police line up! 

It’s Nothing To Thumb Your Nose At… 

Psychology Today reports that a French Researcher has scientifically proven that the bigger a hitchhiker’s breasts, the more likely she is to be picked up by passing motorists.  Among male drivers, 15% stopped for an “A” cup, 18% for a “B” cup and 24% for a “C” cup.

The only exception were men driving Toyotas.  No matter how big the hitchhiker’s boobs, they just kept on going…

So in case of a breakdown, every woman should have an emergency kit containing a flashlight, flares, and an inflatable bra.

Making Out and Making the Grade…

A new study reveals that teenagers who “hook-up” and have casual sex have more problems at school and get lower grades than teens that abstain.  But teens who have sex within serious relationships do no better or worse in school than those who don’t have sex. 

It actually improves their grades if they’re doing it with the teacher! 

The Games People Play

An international team of researchers using powerful computers loaned to them by Google has compiled every way that the Rubik’s cube can be solved.  The computers worked through billions of Rubik’s cube positions and proved that using the algorithm, or sequence of steps, the cube can always be solved in 20 moves or less.

I think the most efficient way to solve it is to put it away in a closet, forget about it, and let somebody else do it. 

Big Al thought Rubik’s Cube was where his friend Joe Rubik sits at his office. 

Don’t Forget to Buckle Up! 

Chubb Insurance is suing NYC over an $187,000 belt buckle.  One of their insurees went to jail for assault.  When he was released he said the jail authorities failed to return his bejeweled, gold belt buckle claiming that it was lost.  He collected the insurance money and Chubb is suing New York to get the cash back. 

In prison, Rule #1 is:  Always keep your pants up!

Elvis had a bejeweled belt buckle and a jumpsuit… so he would have had double protection if he’d ever been forced to do the “Jail House Rock”.   

Speaking of The King…

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of his death at Graceland and Madonna turns 52 today. 

In honor of Elvis, Madonna is releasing a cover of his classic hit, “Kentucky Rain”.  Only now it will be known as “Kabbalah Rain”. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

- Dick 




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