It’s officially Summer and Mayor Dave Bing has declared it Ernie Harwell Day!

- It’s the best idea to come out of the City of Detroit since Monica Conyers was sentenced to jail.


Look Ma!  No Hands!

Otis Mathis, the President of the Detroit School Board resigned after the boards superintendent claims he “entertained himself” for 20 minutes during a one-on-one meeting with her.  Mathis admitted it but now says getting his job back would actually help him work through his “problem”.

- The other members took a vote… which began with a show of hands.

NOTE:  Last year Mathis admitted that although he is President of the school board, he is basically illiterate.  His memos were full of misspellings and grammatical errors.  So the President of the Detroit School Board is illiterate… WOW! 

- Now we know why; he was typing with one hand! 


BP CEO Tony Hayward is taking a lot of heat for taking the weekend off from trying to cap the Gulf oil leak to watch his multi-million dollar yacht race off England’s Isle of Wight. 

- If they had as much oil in the water over there as we’ve got in the gulf, he could go from England to France in about 2 and a half seconds. 

Speaking of the oil leak…

BP has already received 64 thousand compensation claims from people who have lost wages due to the disaster.  Most are in the fishing industry, but now the Mimosa Dancing Girls Strip Club in New Orleans wants- in on the action.  The owners claim that fishermen are their biggest clients and with no income, they’ve stopped coming to the club, thus impacting the dancers revenue. 

- Club owners say they’ve had to lower the price for a shot and a leer…uh, beer. 

- The star of the show, a Miss Fifi VaVaVoom, daughter of the club owners Eddie and Vicki VaVaVoom, plans on using the money to buy new fishnets. 


Arizona abruptly canceled plans to build some rope bridges for a colony of 250 endangered red squirrels so they could cross the road safely.  But the plan was nixed when ABC News reported that the project would cost 1.25 million dollars and save approximately 5 squirrels a year. 

- Here’s a way to save a quick 1.25 million dollars:  How about just slowing down and let the squirrels cross the street?

- There’s always “Rocky the Flying Squirrel” from the Bullwinkle Show.  Why not just hire him to teach the other squirrels how to fly? 

- Arizona has just passed an amendment to their immigration law so now suspicious looking squirrels can be pulled over and asked if they’re in this country legally.


“Toy Story 3” is a massive hit with audiences and critics… it raked in $109 million in the U.S. alone over the weekend – that’s 35 mil more than the other top ten movies made combined.  The biggest flop was the comic book inspired “Jonah Hex” which took in just five million dollars. 

- Hey, at least it didn’t go direct to video like one of the movies I was in, “Collision Course”.   


Gospel Singer Roger Menees of Illinois set a new Guinness world record for the lowest note ever hit by a human voice.  Menees voice registered 0.393 hertz, a very low F-Sharp.

- The record for the highest note ever is currently held by John Wayne Bobbitt.


On this date in 1948, Dr. Peter Goldmark of CBS Laboratories demonstrated the first successful long-playing record.  Before that, records could only hold one song on each side.

- Another benefit of the “Long Playing Record”?  Us radio guys could finally take bathroom breaks! 


Have a great day and don’t forget the fireworks on the Detroit River tonight!  I will continue my tradition of standing in front of the TV watching Channel 4’s Devon Scillian and Carmen Harlan - with a sparkler in my hand!

P.S. Hope you all had a great Father’s Day!  And for those of you still waiting for the DNA tests to come back… I hope you get the results you’re hoping for!