Money “Talks”

Newsweek has released its annual Power List, ranking the highest-paid public figures with political influence in radio:  Rush Limbaugh - $59 million, Glenn Beck - $33 million,  Sean Hannity - $22 million, and Bill O’Reilly - $20 million. That’s a total of $134 million.

- Of course those are “conservative” estimates…

- So now we know why nobody else in radio has gotten a raise in the last few years.   

It Depends What Your Definition of “No” Is   

Hillary Clinton insisted over the weekend that she has no intention of running for President in 2012 or 2016.  But at the time, she hadn’t heard the results of a poll taken the day after last week’s elections by Newsmax and Survey USA.  It found that if there were an election today and she and Barack Obama were the only names on the ballot, she would trounce him by 20 points.

- Apparently the country has decided that “it takes a village” to come up with “change you can believe in”.

- So she’s not gonna run in 2012 or 2016, huh?  I notice she didn’t say anything about 2020! Then again there’s always Chelsea…

- Bill really wants her to become President.  But that’s just so he can “entertain” France’s First Lady Carla Bruni while Hillary is busy meeting with the French President, Nicholas Sarcozy. 

A Bad Call!

British health officials are trying to develop a cell phone app that will let people “relieve themselves” on their phones to find out if they have an STD.  The UK Clinical Research Collaboration has invested $6 million (US) into creating a smartphone app that would let users put urine or saliva on a computer chip, plug it into their phone, and get a diagnosis within minutes. 

- Their slogan is, “Got the Clap?  There’s an App for That!” 

- You can also use it on your iPod… but then it becomes known as an iPeed.

- So now you can use the device you use to “Reach Out and Touch Someone” to find out if you caught anything from the person you reached out and touched.

“Casual Friday” Starts After You Get The Job! surveyed HR pro’s to ask what was the most inappropriate clothing they’d ever seen job applicants wear to an interview.  Among the findings were tube tops, low cut blouses, low-rise pants, Goth wear, and Bermuda Shorts with a Hawaiian Shirt and flip-flops.  One of the most memorable applicants came to the interview wearing a leather vest with no shirt.

- And he got the job… as the construction worker in “The Village People”.

- Everyone knows you shouldn’t wear a low cut blouse to a job interview. You save that for the day you ask for a raise!

- To be fair, most of the people who showed up in low rise pants were applying for jobs in the plumbing industry.

- NOTE:  If you ever apply for a job in radio, don’t pull out your microphone during the interview.

The Pilgrims Would Not Have Considered This Progress 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, humorist Charles Phoenix has invented a new holiday dessert.  It’s called the “Cherpumple Pie Cake”.  It consists of a cherry pie, apple pie, and pumpkin pie each baked inside a separate layer of a frosted three-layer cake.  He made a YouTube video showing how to make it, which he says, “intrigues and horrifies people”. 

- Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like something that “intrigues and horrifies people”.

- Growing up, the only thing about Thanksgiving that “intrigued and horrified” me was when my relatives came over for dinner. 

- And I thought putting gravy on my mashed potatoes was livin’ on the edge…

Red Hot Poker!

Canadian poker professional Jonathan Duhamel won the World Series of Poker main event title and $8.94 million Monday night after defeating a man from Florida.  He was extremely excited and said, “It’s like the most beautiful day of my life”. 

- Ironically, under the Canadian Health Care System the man is now worth almost 9 million dollars and he’s still gonna have to wait six months to see a doctor about the heart palpatations he’s been experiencing ever since he won!  

But Does His Tie Match His Pumps?  

22 year old Kyle James Eckman of Lancaster, Pennsylvania was arrested for allegedly shoplifting a pair of $70 shoes from a Kohl’s department stores.  Police say he put them on in the men’s dressing room and wore them out of the store after hiding his own shoes in his shopping bag.  They were easy to spot, though, since they were women’s high heels. 

- I can’t believe George Michael shops at Kohls!

- If his mom sends him a cake with a file in it while he’s in prison, he’ll probably just use it on his nails. 

Today’s Almanac

On this day in 1965, the Great Blackout occurred, when several Northeastern States and parts of Canada were plunged into darkness for 13 ½ hours due to power outages.

- Nine months later, “The Great Post-Partum Depression” began.  

And on this date in 1966, John Lennon met Yoko Ono at an exhibit of her artwork in London.

- If it had only been at a launch party for one of her records instead, the Beatles would never have broken up!


Have a great day and we’ll see you right back here tomorrow!

- Dick