To All The Brave Men and Women Who Have Answered The Call To Serve So That We Can Live In Freedom… Thank You!


Wednesday, the bi-partisan co-chairs of President Obama’s deficit reduction committee released their suggestions for cutting the national debt by nearly $4 Trillion.  Effected would be Medicare, Social Security, the Military, Government worker pensions and more.  Also, the retirement age would rise from 65 to 69… by the year 2075!

- I’m okay with some of the cuts, but raising the retirement age to 69 by 2075?  No way.  I’ll be worn out by then!   

Amazon.dumb has stopped selling one it’s Kindle e-books after thousands of outraged customers called for a boycott of the on-line seller.  The book in question?  “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure”.  Amazon said early Wednesday that they don’t endorse the ideas in all the books they sell, but they won’t censor them.  But with the holiday shopping season just around the corner, they apparently changed their mind.  They are, however still accepting pre-orders for another controversial book:  “I Am the Market:  How to Smuggle Cocaine by the Ton in Five Easy Lessons”. 

- Lindsay Lohan ordered 10 copies saying, “They make great stocking stuffers!”

- Sounds like the people at Amazon are smoking what they’re selling.

- What next?  “Meth-Making for Dummies”?

How Cheeky of Her!

In an interview on Australian radio, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dissed the Kardashian sisters.  She complained that people outside the US get a false image of Americans from watching reality TV shows.  Hillary said, “Kardashians are exactly” what’s not to like about American culture, adding, “If you look at American TV… you would think we all went around wrestling and wearing bikinis” all day.

- Bill Clinton added, “And if we all work hard enough… one day that dream will become a reality!”

- I’m pretty sure watching the Kardashians just makes people think that all Americans have enormous butts.

Oldies Are Goodies!

A new survey of over 1000 people proved that old friends really are the best friends. One in four respondents said they were still in contact with their closest friend from elementary school – with women slightly more likely than men to remain in contact with their best friend from childhood. By contrast, the average person considered only five current acquaintances to be “close friends”.

- OMG! This means BFF’s really are BFF’s!

- It’s no wonder we like our old friends better… Try getting someone you just met to play “Kick the Can” with you.

- How can we still be friends?  When I see my old buddies from elementary school, I don’t recognize them and they don’t recognize me!

You Just Can’t Put It Down!  Or Pick It Up!

An Indonesian author has set a new record for the world’s thickest book by creating a 5,472 page book on the life of Barack Obama.  It includes every conceivable record, fact or document on Obama, right down to Indonesian schoolchildren’s letters to him. 

- And much like Congress with the Health Care Bill, nobody is gonna take time to read it!

- This thing makes “War and Peace” look like a pamphlet.  

- It makes a great coffee table book… until it breaks the coffee table.  

- It’s one page shorter than Charlie Sheen’s “Little Black Book”.  

Today’s Almanac

On this day in 1968, John Lennon released the “Two Virgins” album, with a nude photo of him and Yoko Ono on the Cover.  Police in Newark, New Jersey seized 30,000 copies, claiming it violated pornography laws.

- Actually it was the Pro-Porn industry that complained saying it gave nudity a bad name.

- It was the first time the public had ever seen John’s Ob-La-Di and Yoko’s Ob-La-Da. 

Blowing Out the Candles…

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest comics of all time, Jonathan Winters who’s 85.  In a survey of 40 nationally known comedians taken some years ago, 30 of them picked Jonathan as the funniest!

And congratulations to Mrs. Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart.  For her 46th birthday he’s taking her out for her favorite meal… two rice cakes and a baby carrot.  


Happy Veteran’s Day!  We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the Friday blog!

- Dick

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