More than 600 people attended the “Last Radio Reunion” over this past weekend. Radio guys from across the country flew in, along with special honored guest, Robin Seymour. (Former KEENER jock and host of the teen TV dance show “Swingin’ Time”)

93 year old Robin and his daughter, Debbie flew all the way from San Antonio to take part in the festivities! Sirius XM’s “Sixties on Six” jocks Phlash Phelps, Pat St. John and Shotgun Tom Kelly were on hand as well, along with local jocks who worked on KEENER 13, CKLW, WXYZ and other stations during their heydays. Bob Green, Jerry Goodwin, Paul Cannon, Doug Podell, Johnny Williams, Erik Smith, Denny McLain, Super Max Kinkel, Kevin O’Neil, Charlie O’Brien, producers Lee Alan, Art Vuolo & Mike Seltzer, emcee Joey Reynolds, Yours Truly… the list goes on and on! Even“Bozo the Clown” Art Cervi… was there!

We told stories and had a great time… and best of all, there were no Program Directors there to tell us to talk less and play more music!!!!!

Thanks to all the “fans” who came out to say hi!