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76 year old Joe Biden says he’d take 73 year old President Trump down if age becomes an issue.

- Seems to me Age is a “Touchy” subject for both of them.


A new Smartphone app called FaceApp is sweeping the internet… It allows you to see what someone will look like when their “old”, and pics have popped up of everyone from Trump to Biden.

- Looks like they’ll both use the slogan “Make America Wrinkled Again”.


Scientists say new research shows that chimpanzee experience “closeness and bonding” when they sit together and watch a movie.

- Maybe Trump and Pelosi should go see the “Avengers” together.


Fashion insiders say Americans are turning away from “traditional beauty” and “embracing the Ugly” - thus the renewed popularity of shoes like “Crocs”.

- And just like that my Baby Blue Leisure Suit and White Bucks are back in style.


Political experts say extensive polling shows that the 2020 Election will be the most toxic ever.

- I’m no “Political Expert” but I didn’t need extensive polling to tell you that!


A study by the University of Southern Australia found that a serving of Nuts everyday will sharpen your brain as you age.

- That’s why I never miss the ladies on “The View”.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!