A California Bride is being slammed online for trying to save on Church costs by COMBINING her aunt’s open casket FUNERAL with her WEDDING.

- Thus the old expression, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Aunt Ethel to View”.


NASA says new photos show that the Moon is slowly shrinking over time which is causing wrinkles in the Moon.

- Mark my words. In a few years, pics of Kim Kardashian are gonna show the exact same thing.


Jack Ma - the business equivalent of Jeff Bezos in China - told employees that they should have “marathon sex” - six days a week.

- I guess he thinks Chinese Sex is like Chinese Food. You wanna have it again an hour later.


The jockey who rode Maximum Security - the horse disqualified for changing lanes and causing interference in the Kentucky Derby has been suspended for 15 days.

- Now people are asking the JOCKEY “Why the long face??”


An heir to the Coca-Cola fortune was arrested after police found more than $1.3 million worth of marijuana on his private jet.

- I think the real story here is that they didn’t find any Coke.


An Australian family found a gold nugget worth $24,000 while they were walking their dog on Sunday.

- My dog never FOUND any nuggets… but he DROPPED a few.


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