Tim Burton’s remake of “Dumbo” hits theaters tonight - but early reviews aren’t good.

- And the problem with seeing a bad movie about an elephant is, you never forget it.


Speaking of Dumbo… Jussie Smollett’s attorneys are now claiming that the men who attacked him (whom he paid) may have been wearing white paint on their faces… leading him to believe they were caucasian.

- Sounds to me like Jussie’s trying to get an endorsement deal with a paint company.

- C’mon Jussie. Even OJ thinks you’re guilty!


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow contines to insist that the President colluded with Russia despite the findings of the Mueller Report.

- Rachaels big hobby is fishing. (True) So it’s obvious she’s fishin’ around for evidence of collusion and won’t let this one go.


McDonald’s is now selling “Vegan Chicken McNuggets” that contain Zero percent chicken.

- And this makes the Vegan type different from the Regular McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets HOW???


Former Bond Girl Denise Richards says she’s invited ex-husband Charlie Sheen to her wedding and even if he brings a prostitute as his date, he’s “still welcome”.

- Charlie says he’s really moved by the kind offer and will be there “by Hooker by crook”.


The first international trailer has been released for “Toy Story 4” in Asia.

- That’s the Buzz anyway.

- Now if the Chinese Government will just let the Kindergartner's punch out of the factory early they’ll be able to see the movie.


Twitter almost melted down after an Irish couple put up a post saying that they “switch sides of the bed” on a regular basis.

- The man is calling for “calm”… no matter which side You’re on.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday!