Jimmy Carter has two simple pieces of advice for Donald Trump as he faces the threat of impeachment: tell the truth -- and tweet less.

- How long before Trump tweets: “Odds are… I don’t need advice from Jimmy the GEEK!!!”


Alec Baldwin fell for an infamous NYC scam - paying $40 per ticket for his family to go on what it turns out is a FREE boat ride to the Statue of Liberty.

- And then Alec got in a fistfight with Lady Liberty over a parking space for the boat.


Y-day, after Trump egged Hillary on to run again, she said “Don’t tempt me”.

- Which is exactly what Bill said to Monica. Except for the “Don’t” part.


72% of those 65+ say that most wealthy people in America “earned their wealth” without exploiting people… but 52% of those under 30 say that “most” rich people in the United States got rich “by taking advantage of people.”

- Apparently living rent free on the couch in your parents basement doesn’t count as “taking advantage of people”.


The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia now features a “Rage Room” where those attending sporting events can use a sledgehammer to destroy TVs, Dishes, etc… to let out their frustrations before heading home from a game.

- They were going to build a Rage Room for Lion’s fans at Ford Field but they couldn’t find enough Sledgehammers.


A North Carolina female Assistant Principal has been arrested for having sex with a male student six times. Her bail was set at $6000.

- Which will be paid by the Other male students who set up a GoFundMe page.


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