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Welcome to another frigid weekend and a cool new Podcast...#110! We've got BIG NEWS today regarding a rather important event coming up on Friday, February 21st!

But you'll have to stay tuned! (There hasn't been that big a tease since Phyllis Diller had her hair done).

First...Jackie and I sit around the Purtan dining room table to take on the very latest in current events. From the bizarre and downright dangerous hotel rooms at the Sochi Olympics (I'll explain why you should never book a room in Russia on to a television milestone (I'm talking Jay Leno's departure...NOT Bob Costa's hosting the Olympics with "Pink-Eye"), there's plenty to talk about. 

Did I mention the allegations that Bill Clinton had an affair with Austin Power's Star Elizabeth Hurley? (We'll give you our thoughts on whether or not the former Commander-in-Briefs really showed her his "Mini-Me".) Plus...we'll tell you why we're so "high" on the idea of Justin Bieber's Dad being named "Father of The year". 

And speaking of musicians (Did I just call Justin Bieber a musician???) I'll tell you about the drastic measures that Dancing With The Stars is taking to attract younger viewers. 

And then we get to the real meat of the Podcast, when we welcome special guest Dale Johnson to the table. Dale will once again be serving as the Producer of the upcoming Salvation Army Bed & Bread Radiothon benefiting the all-important Bed & Bread Club - that feeds over 5000 men women and children EVERY SINGLE DAY and shelters more than 600 people every night. 

The Radiothon is coming up on Friday, February 21st, live from the Oakland Mall, from 6am to 10pm, and broadcast live on WJR 760 AM. And I am happy to announce that we'll be having a reunion of sorts. In addition to joining Paul W. Smith, Frank Beckman and the other guys during the day, yours truly will be Hosting the 4pm to 8pm slot along with some former "Purtan's People" including Big Al and Jackie! I hope you'll join us at the mall, tune in, but most importantly DONATE! The donation line (248) 528-0760 is already up and running if you want to get a head start. Just $10 a month ($120/year) will FEED ONE PERSON FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, $20 a month ($240 for the year) will FEED TWO PEOPLE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! It's an amazing program - and with the weather we're experiencing this year - an especially life saving one as well.  

For all the details on how you can help change the lives of our friends and neighbors for the better...tune in to Podcast #110. 

Have a great weekend...and as I used to say...and still do..."Thanks for Listening!"