Welcome to the weekend and Dick's latest Podcast (#74). This time around, Dick swapped out daughter #2 (Jackie) for daughter #4 (JoAnne) and her kids Lauren (12) and Adam (9). JoAnne's not only a Mom, she's a news Anchor for Channel 7 Action News in Detroit. We'll have more of that story after the break... No wait, that's TV talk! Since this is just a Podcast, she and the kids let us in on some "behind the scenes" info about the off-air JoAnne. For instance...Her complete lack of cooking skills. (She can talk to World Leaders live on TV but she can't microwave a bag of popcorn with out the fire department showing up). The kids talk about... well, whatever is is 9 and 12 year olds talk about, and Dick explains how, when he was a kid, he mixed up the game "Post Office" with "Spin the Bottle". Let just say he didn't "deliver" on Saturdays - or any other day for that matter. So heat up a snack (Just down ask JoAnne for help) and click on Podcast #74!