Join Dick, Jackie and former "Purtan's Person" and frequent guest Tom DeLisle for what, if the Mayans are right, may be their very last Podcast! While the world ending may not be music to your ears...Dick shares a story that will be: How he and his wife Gail put up every cent they had to bring the Beatles to Cincinnati on their first US tour in 1964. And he tells you which Beatle actually stopped a concert to get the girls in the audience to stop throwing a certain something at the band. ( wasn't their panties!) Speaking of music, they also discuss why feminist writer Camille Paglia believes Taylor Swift, Katie Perry and Rhianna are "ruining" things for women by sending us "back to the 1950's". Plus, Dick offers up a great last-minute clothing gift idea for that special someone that offers "The Crouch Without The Ouch". So quit staring up a the sky waiting for the Apocalypse and tune in to Podcast #67 Now!