Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving weekend and didn’t run into too many “Turkeys” on Black Friday! Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think anything says “A Good Old Fashioned Christmas” more than a woman pepper spraying 20 fellow shoppers in order to get a good deal on an Xbox!  (Read more about that and other fun shopping stories @ DickPurtan.com).

So now here we are on “Cyber Monday”… The perfect day to reserve your copy of “The Best of Dick Purtan & Purtan’s People - Vol. 10” CD!  It’ll only take you a minute and I guarantee you won’t be pepper-sprayed during the process! 

The CD - my last in a sold-out series - contains 40 of my favorite moments, characters bits and conversations from the last couple of years of the show. And did I mention, it’s just $19.99 and benefits two Michigan Military charities! 

It’s the best stocking stuffer since Marilyn Monroe put on a pair of pantyhose! 

To reserve a copy for yourself - and anyone else on your list who was a fan of the show - in plenty of time for Christmas and Holiday delivery, just go to DickPurtan.com and click on any of the Blue CD ads!  

Also today, at our website, you can also find out more about a special party the charities are throwing and you’re invited to! 

So, Happy Clicking… or as I like to say on “Cyber Monday”… “It’s The Mouse Wonderful Time Of The Year!”