A Florida man was arrested for selling ecstasy pills shaped like Donald Trump.

- You’ve heard of the Little Blue Pill? This is known as the Little ORANGE Pill.


A video of Bernie Sanders taking a right-handed swing at a punching bag on Tuesday went viral… because the “speed bag” flew back and hit him in the face.

- Bernie was taken to the hospital where he demanded Free Health Care.


After hitting their peak in the late ‘60’s and early 70’s… the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Mustaches are coming back in style.

- I’ve been holding out for years and it’s FINALLY paying off!!


Scientists have drawn up plans for a “Space Elevator” that would include a cable looped around the moon down to the earth’s atmosphere to speed up space travel… but admit it would still take days to get there.

- Days and days of standing in one place, facing forward, not talking, staring up at the numbers.

- With my luck I’d get stuck riding up with a kid who pressed all 240,000 buttons.


Researchers at Michigan State found that people who are Divorced are twice as likely to develop dementia as their married counterparts - with Divorced Men at the highest risk.

- If this is true, Larry King is a goner.


Taylor Swift says she has security cameras focused on her butt at all times after she was groped at a meet and greet in Colorado.

- She got the idea from Kim Kardashian - but Kim’s camera footage can only be watched on an IMAX screen.


KFC is jumping into the plant-based meat business by testing “Beyond Fried Chicken” at some of it’s restaurants this week.

- Which brings up an important question: Why did the plant-based Chicken cross the road?


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