U.S. Rep. John Conyers has been accused of settling a sexual harassment suit brought by a woman who used to work for him, as well as having numerous affairs.  

- Hard to believe Conyers would even LOOK at another woman when he's got Monica at home waiting for him! 


CBS and PBS have cut ties with Charlie Rose after allegations by 8 women that he sexually harassed them... including by walking around naked and making lewd phone calls. 

- So the bloom is off the Rose... because the pants were off the Rose. 


Campaign records show that despite the teenage girl sex allegations against him, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore raised $500,000 last week. 

- This is huge news for Roy since Prom Season will be here before we know it... and those tuxes aren't cheap! 


Today President Trump will follow tradition and Pardon two turkeys in a Rose Garden Ceremony. 

- Kathy Griffin and Michael Moore are excited saying they haven't been to the White House since Obama was in office. 


Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro was ticketed in upstate NY for driving 119 in a 65mph zone.

- Or as CNN reported the story: "Fox News Anchor Caught With Speed". 


Malia Obama was seen making out with a guy and smoking a cigarette at a Yale football game. 

- Michelle is said to be outraged, and vowed to get the school's name changed to "Kale". 


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