A new poll found that 60% of women say they wouldn't sleep with Donald Trump for a million dollars. 

- And 70% said they wouldn't sleep with Bernie Sanders for all the money in the world.


Friday is National Iced Tea Day and Starbucks is celebrating with a sweet deal: Buy one Iced Tea and get a second one FREE!

- Which means you'll get TWO refreshing drinks for the price of FIVE! 


Political insiders say Chris Christie is going to write a book about his relationship with Donald Trump. 

- It's called "The Art of the Meal". 


A California judge who was censured for having sex with an intern and a lawyer in his chambers won re-election Tuesday over an opponent who promised to “restore integrity” to the bench. 

- So now the Judge can continue wielding his gavel. 


President Obama and Joe Biden are scheduled to meet with Bernie Sanders in Washington today. 

- Meanwhile Hillary sent Bernie an invitation to a "Godfather Party", urging him to dress up as Fredo, and go for a ride in a rowboat. 


Macho man Vladimir Putin didn't realize his microphone was on before an interview and told a fellow dictator that he's not getting enough sleep... "maybe four or five hours" a night. 

- Really Vlad? That's not enough? Try hosting a morning radio show for 45 years! 

- This explains a lot... Maybe he's just too tired in the morning to put on a shirt. 


"Generation Snowflake" is the new term to describe young women who believe it's their right to be protected from anything that might upset them. One University in England even banned clapping because some co-eds said it "traumatized" them. 

- There's an even better term I recommend: "Generation Get-Over-It". 

- Wait 'til the People for the Ethical Treatment of Snowflakes find out part of their name is being used in such a derogatory fashion.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!