Bill Clinton will eulogize Muhammad Ali at a public funeral in Louisville this Friday. 

- They were hoping to get Hillary, but they couldn't afford her speaking fee. 

- Apparently Bill was a big fan of the Pugilist. For our Junior"Pugilism" is not a form of government where you get even more free stuff than "Socialism". 


Burger King is testing a Whopper burrito called the Whopperrito. 

- And for those of you watching your waistlines, there's the Whopperrito Jr. 


Speaking of eating... According to a new study, people being served by a "plus-sized" waiter or waitress are four times more likely to order desert than those who have a more slender "server". 

- But overweight or thin, they all expect you to leave a hefty tip. 

- This is why I always go to the Drive-Thru... Since I don't have a waiter or waitress, I'm never tempted to get the microwaved apple pie. 


Netflix is now streaming a Bob Ross "Learn How To Paint" series. 

- The best part is, you can pause it if you have to Van Gogh to the bathroom.


Walmart announced that they will soon be using drones to keep track of their inventory. 

- That means the nice retiree in a vest won't just be a "Greeter"... he'll be an air-traffic controller. 


On this date in 1983, Jerry Lee Lewis got married for the 5th time. 

- The people next to the Honeymoon Suite said there was "a whole lotta shakin' goin' on". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!