I don't even know how to begin to thank you for the incredible outpouring of responses to my Anniversary post about my wonderful wife Gail. We were both astounded by the number of "Likes", "Loves" and "Shares", and your comments... Truly amazing. Your good wishes, stories about listening to the show, personal remembrances, and those of you who said you gained hope and inspiration from Gail's battle with Cancer meant so much to us.  We not only read every one... but printed them out so we will have them to look back on. There was even one man who said that our having six daughters made him decide to get a vasectomy after he and his wife had only two! Priceless. Please know that you all made two kids from Buffalo smile. (And yes... mine is still crooked... I just hide it with the mustache!) 

And now on to our attempt at a Christmas Podcast...

You may have noticed that we've had some technical difficulties of late, so we brought in our IT guy to do his thing and make sure everything was back on track during the Podcast. The result? Well... it recorded, but it's a bit raspy. At least we're making progress! 

Jackie and I attempt to sing some Christmas Music (key word: "attempt") and I reveal which of the many novelty Holiday songs I played on the radio was my favorite (even thought some listeners thought it was "Non PC"). I also share my proudest achievement in high school (other than actually graduating!), and we talk about a few great movies and one terrible one. 

It's short and sweet... think of it as an "Audio Elf". 

Have a great day, and again, thank you so much! 

See you back here Christmas Day...