Donald Trump announced that he's never eating Oreos again because Nabisco is moving it's factories to Mexico. 

- And he vowed to build a wall to keep the cookies from immigrating back into the U.S. 

- The Donald also announced that he loves Keebler cookies in an effort to lock up the elf vote. 

- Meanwhile Al Sharpton accused Trump of favoring Vanilla Wafers. 


In other "Need to Know" news... The National Enquirer is reporting that Michelle Obama wants to divorce Barack because he's been flirting with Caroline Kennedy. 

- Meanwhile Republicans are mad at Obama for being in bed with Iran. 


New research shows that "Mindfulness Meditation", where you concentrate on your breathing, may cause people to "recall" things that didn't actually happen. 

- The study was funded by former NBC News Anchor Brian Williams.


A University of Wisconsin study suggests that "Gaydar" isn't a real thing. 

- They also discounted the concept of "Deja Vu" if you think someone's gay and feel like you had that exact thought before, you're wrong. 


Toys 'R' Us has released its annual list of the top 15 Christmas toys. 

- I'm looking forward to Transgender Barbie which is basically a Ken Doll that comes with a pair of little plastic pumps.

- There's also a "Tickle Me Isis" doll that laughs, then explodes when you touch it. 


Kim Kardashian flipped out at Kanye West after reading some racy text messages on his phone. 

- She was looking at HIS phone because HER phone broke when she accidentally butt dialed it. 


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