Brayden and his Aunt Jackie 

Brayden and his Aunt Jackie 

Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #166! This week Daughter #6, Julie, and her 3 year old son Brayden join me and Jackie at the Purtan Dining Room Table for a grown up conversation (except for the 3 year old part). Topics include:  

- The common words and expressions we're not supposed to use anymore according to the "PC Police".

- The recent trend of parents giving their babies "neutral gender" names.

- Can women really have specific-sex embryos implanted to guarantee they'll get the boy or girl they want, as Kim Kardashian claims she did? 

- The stupidest far...that I ever asked a doctor.

- And the fourth and latest volume in the "Fifty Shade of Grey" series.

So before you run out to the bookstore...take a few minutes and listen to Podcast #166!   (31:17) 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back her Monday with my regular blog!