The inspiring story of James Robertson continues to touch the hearts and minds of people not only here in Detroit, but around the Nation and the World. And there are big things happening for him this week...(stay tuned!) But first, I want to share with you a video put together by Detroit Free Press Journalist Bill Laitner and his Videographer, Ryan Garza, that appeared on It's a look at "A Day in The Life" of this remarkable man - who walks 21 miles to get to work and back to his home everyday.  If you've wondered what all the buzz is about...just watch. And if you haven't listened to our special Podcast with James yet, recorded as usual, at the Purtan dining room table, just click on the Podcast bar at the bottom of this page to hear even more from a true gentleman whose determination, work ethic, wit and wisdom honestly, knocked my socks off!  -Dick  (If the 2 minute video starts before you're done reading this...just hit "Replay" at the end).