The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile crashed on a snowy Pennsylvania road earlier this week.  

- Police say they haven't seen this much damage to a Hot Dog since Lorena Bobbitt was involved.  


A Beagle named "Miss P" took Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show last night and today will visit the Empire State Building, have lunch at a NYC Steakhouse and meet with Donald Trump.  

- The dog wants hair styling tips and to find out how The Donald keeps his "coat" so shiny.  

- Looks like "Miss P" is a shoe-in for The Donald's new show "Canine Apprentice". 

- "Miss P" was so excited to win, she "Miss P-eed" all over the judges leg. 


On February 23, Little Caesars will introduce it's new Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza. Each Pizza will cost $12 and come wrapped in 3 and a half feet of Bacon. 

- Bacon is good...but I think we've gone off the rails when we start measuring it in FEET. 

- When you order, just ask for the Heart Attack! Heart Attack! Special. 


Tech experts are predicting that the new Apple Smart Watch, which comes out in April, will sell 20 million units this year. 

- I already HAVE a Smart Watch... It's so Smart it can tell the time! 


Lady Gaga is engaged! 

- She'll be the first bride in history whose wedding gown will be served as the meat entree at the reception. 


A video of Joe Biden massaging the shoulders and whispering in the ear of the wife of our new Defense Secretary Ashton Carter while her husband gave a speech has gone viral. 

- Bill Clinton would have done it but he was out of town. 


A Gallup poll found that 65% of Americans think our handling of the ISIS situation is going badly.

- The other 35% work at the White House. 


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