Angelina Jolie's wedding dress from her surprise wedding to Brad Pitt was a tad unusual. The mother of six had artwork made by her kids sewn onto the train and veil of her $20,000-plus designer gown. 

- What screams "Bride" more than a magic marker rendition of Mickey Mouse's ears covering your butt? 


Kate Upton, who's semi-naked selfies with boyfriend Justin Verlander were leaked on the Internet, is considering suing Apple - since many believe their "iCloud" storage system was the source of the hacking.

- Have we come a long way from getting drunk and Xeroxing your butt at the office holiday party or what? 


A study by the National Consumers League found that cell phone companies have begun marketing to children as young as five. 

- Soon kindergarteners everywhere will be watching "SpongeBob SquarePants" on TV...and looking at pix of "SpongeBob NoPants" on their smartphones. 


Officials in Colorado say the legalization of marijuana sales brought in $21 Million tax dollars LESS than the $33 Million they'd predicted. 

- Of course the numbers could be off since the guys who counted the cash were high as a kite at the time. 

- Apparently people are buying tax-free pot on the streets...just like they did before it was legalized. 

- Accountants know exactly which dollars came from pot's the bills covered with orange Cheeto's dust. 


A Spanish teenager was electrocuted after peeing on a lamppost at an outdoor music festival. 

- Kinda makes ya miss the good old days at Pine Knob when the worst that could happen was when somebody sitting next to you on The Hill threw up on your shoes.

- On the bright side, if it had been a Rap concert, he would have been electrocuted AND shot. 


A Louisiana newscaster was shot dead by his son-in-law, who was also believed to be his lover.

- The shooting is sad...but you've gotta admit it's gonna make Thanksgiving dinner a lot less awkward. 


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