It's Cinco de Mayo! Translated into English: "A Chance for Americans To Use A Mexican Historical Event As An Excuse To Get Drunk!"


President Obama took his annual turn as a stand-up comedian at Saturday night's White House Correspondents dinner.

- He hasn't gotten that many laughs since he announced that the Obamacare website would make buying insurance "simple and affordable". 

- Joe Biden was there...although he had to sit at the kids' table with Sasha and Malia. 


Speaking of Joe Biden...the VEEP gave the commencement address at Miami Dade College on Sunday. 

- The graduates were hoping to get someone more influential in the country, but Kim Kardashian was just too busy with last minute wedding plans. 


Yesterday was "National Star Wars Day". 

- It's also known as "Guys-Who-Don't-Stand-A-Chance-In-Hell-Of-Ever-Getting-A-Girlfriend-Day". 

- LA Clipper's owner Donald Sterling threw a Star Wars Party, but told his mistress not to bring anyone dressed as Darth Vader. 


V. Stiviano, girlfriend of Donald Sterling, told Barbara Walters that she doesn't believe he's a racist, and will always be his "silly little rabbit", in a TV interview where many people are saying she came off sounding like "an idiot". 

- I don't know which Sterling is more embarrassed about: Being labeled a racist or having the whole world know that he calls his mistress his "silly little rabbit". 


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are teaming up for their first film together since "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

- In keeping with "Diversity", the film will be called "Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez". 


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