Kim:Dennis others .jpeg

A study by the University of Edinburgh claims that tall people are smarter than short people. 

- They noted there was an exception: Results showed Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman were both idiots. 


Speaking of idiots...Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was reportedly upset after Jimmy Kimmel showed 5 videos of him clearly drunk and on drugs during his guest appearance Monday night.

- Luckily, by Tuesday morning Ford had forgotten he'd even been on the show. 


A French court granted a woman the right to marry her dead fiancee. 

- It'll be a short ceremony since they can skip the whole "'Til Death Do Us Part" section. 

- The bride says her finance is "a great guy and a regular working stiff". 

- The couple is registered at "Pottery Urn", "Lord & Taylor" and "Bed, Bath & The Great Beyond". 


A Florida nudist colony is evicting a blind woman whose seeing eye dog is taller than the maximum allowed for pets. 

- Apparently the men are afraid a game of "Go fetch the stick" could go horribly wrong.

- Question: Doesn't being blind take half the fun out of living in a nudist colony? 


Sarah Palin says that President Obama is mishandling the Russian conflict. 

- She should know...she's watching the whole thing from her home. (Actually she never said that. Tina Fey did.)


The delivery man who brought pizza to the Oscars was given a $1000 tip. 

- If only they'd used that money to get John Travolta a pronunciation coach! 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!