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The audience for Jimmy Fallon's first Tonight Show was 23% smaller than Jay Leno's final broadcast just days earlier, but Fallon got the exact same rating as Conan O'Brien got for his first Tonight Show in 2009. 

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- No predictions yet on what the ratings will be when NBC brings Leno back to host the Tonight Show starting in March. Right...The odds of that happening are about as good as them signing Carrot Top to replace Fallon


Dozens of celebrities made cameos on Fallon's debut, including Joan Rivers who hasn't been on the Tonight Show in 30 years. 

- A lot of people were surprised that she showed her face after all these years.'s not technically her real face. 

- Joan has had so many face lifts, she has crows feet on the back of her neck. 


VH-1 has given the go-ahead to a show called "Naked Dating" which will feature people going on dates in the Nude. 

- Participants are encouraged to "Let go of their inhibitions, keep an open mind, and never order Hot Soup". 

- If only the government would be this transparent! 

- We can only hope they never do a Celebrity Edition with the guys from Duck Dynasty. 


Nestle has issued a voluntary recall of it's Philly Cheesesteak "Hot Pockets" because they may have been made using meat that is "unfit for human consumption". 

- Like guys with a microwave really care whether their food is fit for human consumption. 

- Meanwhile in North Korea, Hot Pockets made with Kim Jong Un's Uncle are flying off the shelves.


Barbara Walters admitted on "The View" that she has a sex-toy that she refers to as her "Selfie". 

- I'm putting that on my list of "The 10 Most Fascinating Things I Didn't Need to Know" of 2014. 


Simon Cowell's baby-mama girlfriend was seen shopping for baby clothes in NYC just days after giving birth. 

- Simon, who was on hand for the birth, called it "one of the worst deliveries he had ever seen and criticized his girlfriends screams during labor for being "too pitchy". 


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