Russian officials inserted footage from the Opening Ceremonies rehearsal into the live Russian telecast so Vladimir Putin and his comrades wouldn't see the fact that only 4 of the 5 Olympic Rings actually lit up. 

four rings .jpeg

- They did it for Russian Pride...and to prevent Putin from killing the people in charge of the light show. 


Twitter users were up in arms after the male half of an American figure skating duo wore a gun holster as part of his outfit saying it portrayed Americans as gun-toting thugs. Btw...The team was skating to the theme from "Skyfall"...a James Bond movie. 

- He was going to skate with a Martini but was afraid he'd spill it during his triple lutz.


The USDA has recalled 8.7 million pounds of meat saying it came from "unhealthy or unsound animals", but they won't say what stores or restaurants ended up with the meat. 

- You'll know pretty quickly if you have lunch at a fast food restaurant today and afterward enjoy the Taco Bell "Experience".   

- An "Unsound" cow is described as one who is "Udderly depressed". 


According to a new survey, one in four 26-year-olds live with their parents. 

- Or as the 26-year-olds like to tell their friends, they've allowed their parents to move in with them. 


A streaker ran across the runway during New York's fashion week. 

- Fashionistas said they loved his "Bold, Nude Look" and proceeded to order thousands of dollars of nothing to put in stores this Spring. 

- Some of the models were so shocked they fainted and had to be revived with imitation smelling salts so they wouldn't retain any water. 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have moved up their wedding date. 

- Sounds to me like somebody got knocked up and doesn't want to have a baby out of, wait, they already did that.  


Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez dropped his law suit against Major League Baseball and accepted his 162 game suspension. 

- He said that after giving it some thought, he's "pumped up" about having a little time off. No more "pumped up" than usual, but still pretty "pumped up". 


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