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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #103! In my latest "Pod-stallment" I welcome my wife Gail and daughter Jackie to the Purtan dining room table. (I mean it's not like I really have to "invite" them...it's their table too). 

Speaking of Gail...she just had a Birthday and we begin with her unwrapping a gift from Jackie (she did a much better job of acting like she liked it, than Carrie Underwood did acting as Maria Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music" live the other night!" - Although I thought her singing was great!)

While "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?" is a great question...there are plenty of others! Ever wondered what Al Capone's brother did for a living? Or why Thomas Jefferson's head is pushed back from the other guys on Mount Rushmore? You'll find out as I tell you about a great new book called "One Summer". It's full of info about things that happened in 1927 including the Yankee's best year (when Babe Ruth hitting his famous 60th home run), a "mistake" made by Henry Ford, and how the world began becoming "Americanized" when Hollywood "Talkie" movies hit the big screen.  (Note to my six daughters: I wouldn't mind seeing this book under the tree come Christmas morning!)

Then we move on to something you're not likely to get for Christmas this year...a Health Insurance Plan. (Jackie's policy ends Dec. 31st so she's trying to work in that "breast augmentation" before the end of the year - just kidding!) 

Speaking of that we talk about "Man-Boobs" and the real way to avoid getting them, the 3 hottest Christmas gifts this season and which one I'm hoping for. (No...it's not the PlayStation 4), plus a new Fisher-Price infant seat fitted with an iPad holder. (So now your'e six-month-old can use his iPad to text you "iPooped". 

We'll also tell you how Angelina Jolie's 50th B-Day gift  to Brat Pitt could solve a crisis in Asia, my feeling's on the "untimely death" of Brian the Dog on "Family Guy", and explain how looking at a certain something can make people believe in God. 

So pour yourself a glass of egg nog (all egg whites please!) and unwrap Podcast #103!