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Welcome to the weekend after Thanksgiving and Podcast #102! If you're anything like me you're still stuffed, to semi-stuffed, from Thursdays big feast.  (I'm pretty sure I've got gravy still running thru my veins!)

Much like your refrigerator which is probably chock full of leftover goodies, today's Podcast, (with another visit from special guest Tom Delisle) is full of tasty tidbits. 

On The Menu?

- I reveal why my longtime engineer at WXYZ Radio Louie Shook refused to shower with the guys after our "Purtan No-Stars" charity hockey games.

- Jackie explains her 12-year-old son Charlie's outrage that George Washington danced with every other woman at his inaugural ball EXCEPT his wife. (How and why he knows this still baffles me).

- I'll tell you how a joke I told at a recent military fund-raiser bombed (so to speak) because no one in the audience had seen the movie "An Officer and A Gentlemen". 

- We discuss how old Dick Smothers looks in a new commercial for a medical condition called Bartlett's Disease (caused by acid reflux).  

- An embarrassing moment Tom (Delisle) shared with William F. Buckley Jr.

-  Whether or not Jackie will ever be invited over to my house for family get-togethers. (Before you start sending e-mails...It's a joke!) 

And save room...because there's lots more. So take a break from your shopping and tune in to Podcast #102! All you have to do is click! (Talk about FREE SHIPPING!)

Have a great day...and a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday!