Purtan Podcast #195

Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #195. Ever think that Political Correctness has gotten out of control? Well today Jackie and I welcome former "Purtan's Person" Tom Delisle to Podcast Central for a rather spirited discussion on just how far the pendulum has swung... From the new "bathroom law" insanity to George Clooney's press conference about Donald Trump. 

We also touch on some less controversial - but equally engaging topics - including: My brief military hostage experience... The history of Mad Magazine & a phrase hidden in every issue that only I seem to remember... The band Chicago's "it's about time" installation into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... And some food comparisons of what you should and should not eat that may surprise you. 

So before you head out to the store and try to figure out which restroom to use, tune in to Podcast #195...um, "streaming", right here at dickpurtan.com!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!


Purtan Podcast #194

Welcome to Mother's Day Weekend and Podcast #194! Today Jackie and I sit down around the Purtan Family Dining Room Table to weed through more topics than my next door neighbor has dandelions in his front yard. Included: What my late father had to say about Gail's Aunt Ethel at her funeral... A new government rule that says you can't call an "ex-con" an "ex-con" anymore because it might hurt their self esteem... The only two things I actually remember learning in College... and we play a cut off "The Best of Purtan" that may have you reconsidering how you feed your fish. 

So put down that weed-whacker for a few minutes, plant yourself down, and join us for Podcast #194. Who knows... it might just grow on you!

Have a great weekend, Happy Mother's Day and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!