Happy July 11th!  Now if that date sounds familiar to you, it may just be that because for years I drilled it into your heads on the radio!  Yes… It’s my Birthday!  

While most people would be too embarrassed or humble to mention their “special day” to the public year after year… I’m apparently not “most people”.  

Some might say that I mentioned my birthday, today, July 11th, year after year, and indeed am doing so again right now, for the purpose of encouraging people to send me gifts.  

I’m here to tell you that it is entirely true! But it’s never really worked! Not counting the years Geoffrey Fieger sent me an autographed picture of himself, and the time I got a great Birthday Deal on an leather recliner at Art Van… Turns out they were just having a regular 12 hour sale.  

Remember to check out my take on today’s headlines and more, every Monday through Friday @ http://www.dickpurtan.com/ and follow me on facebook. Today we talk about the one Hollywood Star the Betty Ford Clinic couldn’t help; the things you shouldn’t wear on your first “summertime date”; and believe it or not the ‘80’s series “Dallas” is coming back to TV with the original cast!  

And Happy Birthday to all you July babies out there! October must have been a busy month! (If you know what I mean!) 

Have a great day.  I’m off to eat cake.