Big weekend for the Purtan Family as we hosted a baby shower and celebrated my wife’s birthday on the same day! (No… Gail’s not the one having the baby, thank God! It’s our youngest daughter Julie!) 

In addition to the usual “Guess The Weight Of The Baby” (due in January) and the “Guess How Many Baby Bottle Nipples Are In The Jar” games, 40 of Julie’s friends including her mom and five sisters played a new one called “The Loaded Diaper Game”.  Forty newborn Pampers were hung on a board… each one containing an instant lottery ticket and one - the “Loaded Diaper” - contained a $25 Visa Gift Card. 

I arrived near the end of the party, to carry the gifts down and have a couple pieces of cake! 

Speaking of impending deliveries… my new (and final) CD, “The Best of Dick Purtan & Purtan’s People Vol. 10” can be delivered to your door - or the door of anyone on your your holiday gift list in plenty of time for the big day! Just go to and click on any one of the blue CD ads! It contains 40 of my favorite character bits and spontaneous “moments” from the last few years of my show before I hung up my headphones.  And at just $19.99 it make a great, inexpensive gift for anyone who was a fan of the show!  

Ordering is quick and easy… and unlike Julie, you won’t need an epidural to get through it! 

Have a great Monday!