Four and Oh!!!!! Did you know that Matthew Stafford, the Lions QB, attended the same Texas High School that the Lion’s last great quarterback, Bobby Layne, went to? Talk about irony!  

And let’s not forget our Tigers who evened the series last night with a 5-3 win over the Yankees.  The game tonight is going to have the two best pitchers in the American league facing each other: Justin Verlander & CC Sabathia.  First pitch: 8:37pm! It may be redundant, but GO TIGERS!!!

The icing on the cake:  Both U of M and MSU were winners on Saturday!

Today on, we delve into some other pressing issues like Roseanne Barr’s bizzare run for President, the new tell-all book by Martha Stewart’s daughter, plus a man with over a dozen hummingbirds in his underpants!  

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