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Welcome to the first weekend of APRIL and Podcast #155... In this go-around, Jackie and I shower you with a discussion of topics including: 

- When does food REALLY "expire"? And our very different views of what's okay to eat...and when it's okay to eat it. 

- My experiences with food poisoning...including one that landed me in the hospital. 

- The Tigers new season and the quest to give Mike Ilitch a much deserved World Series Ring. 

- The MLB team that Vegas odds-makers think will go all the way this year... REALLY? 

- My love of Wikipedia.

- How I was literally pounded in elementary school about "The Explorers". 

- And on that note... A quiz about those explorers and what they discovered.

So put on your thinking cap...along with your Tiger's cap...and take a swing at Podcast #155.

Have a great weekend - GO SPARTANS! GO TIGERS! - and I'll see you back here on Monday!


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