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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #131! Today I'm joined by not one but two of my daughters, my Podcasting partner Jackie (daughter #2) and special guest Jennifer (daughter #1). And when it comes to topics, we travel from one to another, all over the map! Here's a sample: 

- The rising sense of panic over the coming winter because of such a cool summer. (After last years devastating winter!)  

- I tell the story of an American woman on a trip to China who went back to her hotel room and found a man from the Chinese government going through the computer in her room. 

- Why the secret service doesn't like to cover Joe Biden. 

- The reason that Jennifer and Jackie had "unusual" births. 

- My experience with "Shingles" (not the roofing kind!)

- A Purtan family story involving a piece of medical equipment and Sheena Easton's song "Morning Train". 

- Some stories about my Dad and his love of singing and dancing. 

- The (in my opinion) great movie "Baby Boom" and the strange way that Comcast rates the movies they show on cable. 

- The one Movie that Jackie will NOT watch and what the "flying monkeys" are really chanting in that film. 

- Plus the time in everyone's life when they "peak"...and which one of the three of us doesn't feel we've hit that point yet. 

So set your GPS for "anywhere and everywhere" and join us for a verbal "road trip" in Podcast #131.  (37:17)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!